My Journey

"Success is a journey, not a destination" -Arthur Ashe. My journey is far from ordinary. I would have never imagined I would be where I am at 5 years ago, 1 year ago, or even 3 months ago. It is ever changing, always getting harder but more satisfying. I've seen exponential growth in my past and am extremely excited for the future. 


July 2012: STart of my personal Journey

Graduated with honors from Mission Hills High School. The first hard decision I had to make for myself was deciding to cancel my acceptance to San Diego State due to the lack of financial aid. I was torn apart, thinking that all my hard work previously was for naught. After a month of debate with myself, I decided to attend MiraCosta Community College, which turned out to be the best deicision I could of made at the time.

June 2014: Hard work pays off

In one of my proudest moments, I became the first in my family to get a college degree. I graduated from MiraCosta College and got accepted to attend MIT. Two long years of working, studying, and learning made my dreams come true. Completing college showed my family that we all have the potential to do more with our lives and should invest in our education and ourselves to better our lives and the lives of our loved ones.




I had the amazing opportunity to work at Will.I.Am's studio in Hollywood, CA, with the I.Am.Plus team on a futuristic smartband called the Puls. This amazing opportunity allowed me to interact with Will himself, and his design, fashion, 3D, and software departments.

Summer 2015: RESEARCH

I did a numerical analysis of voltage driven ferromagnetic resonance at UC Berkeley. It was amazing to see scientists at the forefront of research. Although I decided not to pursue a PhD program after undergrad, I did learn a lot about future possibilities in technology.



Summer 2016: Lockheed MArtin

This was my first real internship, my first experience working for a big company and doing real work like the full time employees there. I had to quickly come up to speed and have a responsibility to my co-workers and the company to get my requirements done. I had an amazing time working on problems that affect the safety of our country.

Spring & Summer 2017: Apple

I had the amazing opportunity to work at Apple for 8 months as a product designer in a technology team. This means our group was one of the select few that looked into emerging technologies and how these technologies could fit into future products. My mind was blown by the possibilities and the small scale that these tech companies work on. I  strive to continue to be on the cusp of technology and develop the foundation for future personal consumer products.


Fall 2017: MIT senior Product DEsign Course

Go Red Team!! Each fall, senior mechanical engineering students (and a few others) take our keystone product design class. This entails 8 self run teams of 18 students each. Over this last semester my team and I built an assistive eyewear system that empowers people with advanced neurodegenerative diseases to control their homes simply by blinking. 

JUNE 2018: Graduation

The moment I've looked forward to since I was in high school. It's taken longer than expected and has had many ups and downs. But I will finish this last year with vigor and get ready for whats next. More to come once I reach this milestone.